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Quite an unusual *Alien* from outer space, in this universe of thinking (and non thinking) *human beans*...(;o)* I am a Journalist (expert in Rock, Pop, and Jazz), also Radio, plus a DJ Special Guest...(in clubs and/or radio) Feel free to contact me if you are looking for an unusual DJ/artist: Rock and Contaminations (plus Electronic/Elektro House/and other musicalities) also for sophisticated aperitifs/happy hour events. d(*_*)b Most of all, though, I am a...dreamer! May you walk in sunshine... Love Peace Music (my motto) always and forever...(what is 4ever?) the Princess of Rock salutes U d(*_*)b (last updated 2017.11.19/Sun. a week after my beeday) Melody Fox d(*_*)b (aka the Princess of Rock and a Warrior of Light against all those who Fight) another nickname is: Blue Angel in Blue and/or Alien bug (coming from Syrius)

Long time no see…but it’s still me! (:~)*

Just a few months ago (mid March, I think it was), I decided it was time to continue writing some pages on my book *Whose Life is This Anyway*…  Well, I was in for a shock!  I coudn’t find it … Continue reading

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Queen are still Queen…but, a little different…

In November 1991, when Freddie Mercury passed on, there was shock and sadness in the universe: everyone was devastated by the sad news (including myself!), although, me, personally, I knew it was coming…Remember the single *The Show Must Go On*? … Continue reading

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A New Year has stepped in…

Welcome to 2016 all you happy and sometimes troubled souls…I hope it will let you reach all your goals! I should remember to come in here more often…but I prefer my blogspot, on Google, it’s a bit easier, but that’s … Continue reading

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The Expo Experience…as seen by an Alien…

Recently I went (well, it was in June 2015) to see the Expo in Milan, Italy (Europe). It was a nice experience, no doubt, but, one day is not enough: one needs to go back several times, to be able … Continue reading

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Idol Power!

Billy Idol has been very busy these past months and still is! What with his book of memoirs, what with his new album *The Kings and Queens of the Underground*, and all his touring around the universe…well, you can feel … Continue reading

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Simple Minds…and their *Electronic* Revolution…

Well, SIMPLE MINDS, are back again and not…so simple! They inboxed me today, alerting me on their new album, new single, and new UK/European 2015 tour… The new album, entitled BIG MUSIC will be released on November 3, 2014…It is … Continue reading

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*Peaces* of me (Melody Fox aka the Princess of Rock d(*_*)b )

Sometimes I take some really nice pictures, and this time, this One, is magical…Yeah, I’m showing off…lol (~_*) Just the right position, studying the different angles, the right moment, etc., etc…and mind you…this is a digital camera. I will not … Continue reading

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Melody *Midnight Chocolate cake* with lemon frosting… (~_*)

Yep…this is my chocolate midnight cake (really baked at midnight) with lemon frosting…(~_*) I also made a chocolate cream to pour over if liked (warm), sprinkled with a bit of coconut… ☮☮☮^♥^☮☮☮LovePeaceMusic(km*)☮☮☮^♥^☮☮☮

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Atrocities around the Universe… Where is the Peace?   My thoughts on a story published by CNN: This is so sad…I have no words… 😥  So many atrocious acts caused by…mankind.   Reading this whole story brought tears, and then I started thinking of the past … Continue reading

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Rock and Contaminations set #71 by Melody Fox © (aka the Princess of Rock) One of my Rock and Contaminations sets, all mixed and revisited by me…(April 30, 2010 circa) © Enjoy! NOTICE:     Should you decide to download, please … Continue reading

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