Queen are still Queen…but, a little different…

In November 1991, when Freddie Mercury passed on, there was shock and sadness in the universe: everyone was devastated by the sad news (including myself!), although, me, personally, I knew it was coming…Remember the single *The Show Must Go On*?  it was the 12th from their latest album all together, entitled INNUENDO…it was almost an epitaph for Freddie’s final farewell, meaning so much, yet saying so little.  It was a sad sad One…
I grieved and cried for many days, whether listening to the album or not.  And so did the
rest of the world!

to my (interesting and adventuresome) press work I was able to go to many of
Queen’s gigs featuring Fred (their frontman and primadonna!), plus the fact of having
the honor to interviewing them once (talking with Freddie, Brian, and Roger), in SanRemo,
for the song festival, during the release of their album (I received the vinyl from the Recording company) entitled THE WORKS (release date: February 27, 1984).  This was their 11th studio album, and I love it:  it also has *Radio GaGa*, which they performed at the song festival of
San Remo, and written by Roger Taylor. 

Freddie Mercury smiling at me during interviews in SanRemo, Italy, 1984, during the song festival…
(Photo credits:  Melody Fox)

Queen were, in the days:  Freddie Mercury, Brian May,  Roger Taylor, John Deacon…Some changes over the years, following Freddie’s death, plus John Deacon’s *retiring* in 1997.  For a while they had Paul Rodgers as lead singer, until they bumped into Adam Lambert (American Idol finalist), and…it was Magic!  a real kind of Magic…

They have been performing together since 2011, Adam is the most suitable Person–for many reasons–to fit in Freddie’s place, in my opinion (that’s also what Brian and Roger said).  He has stage presence, an awesome voice that reaches peaks similar to Freddie’s, and is the missing piece to the Band.  So now it is Queen+Adam Lambert.  No one will ever be like Fred, but Adam is the closest fit.

They will be in Italy (brought by Barley Arts, Claudio Trotta management), on June 25, 2016, performing at the Anfiteatro Camerini, in Piazzola del Brenta, near Padua.  Tickets cost 82 Euros and can be bought online, also with Ticketone.com. 

The Queen + Adam Lambert 2016 Summer Festival Tour is a summer stadium/festival tour by British rock band Queen and American singer Adam Lambert. The tour began on 20 May 2016, in Lisbon, Portugal at the Bela Vista Park and will continue throughout Europe before coming to an end, on 25 June 2016, in Padua.  

They will…will Rock You…Rock You!  

No one will ever replace Freddie Mercury, and his memory will always be with you, me, them, and the future ones to come…



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Quite an unusual *Alien* from outer space, in this universe of thinking (and non thinking) *human beans*...(;o)* I am a Journalist (expert in Rock, Pop, and Jazz), also Radio, plus a DJ Special Guest...(in clubs and/or radio) Feel free to contact me if you are looking for an unusual DJ/artist: Rock and Contaminations (plus Electronic/Elektro House/and other musicalities) also for sophisticated aperitifs/happy hour events. d(*_*)b Most of all, though, I am a...dreamer! May you walk in sunshine... Love Peace Music (my motto) always and forever...(what is 4ever?) the Princess of Rock salutes You...you...and U d(*_*)b (last updated 2017.11.19/Sun. a week after my beeday) Melody Fox d(*_*)b (aka the Princess of Rock and a Warrior of Light against all those who Fight) another nickname is: Blue Angel in Blue and/or Alien bug (coming from Syrius)
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