Atrocities around the Universe… Where is the Peace?


My thoughts on a story published by CNN:

This is so sad…I have no words… 😥  So many atrocious acts caused by…mankind.


Reading this whole story brought tears, and then I started thinking of the past and making some comparisons…The Christians in the days of Nero, were probably *treated better*, although facing lions…  Now, in these days (modern year 2014!), here are other people–supposedly called *human beings*–who are sentencing other human beings (and this particular case is about a pregnant woman…OMG) to death, to amputation, to being stoned to death, etc., etc…


Where is the Love?  where is compassion?  where is respect?  Sudan *high ups* and so called big wheels, YOU make me sick…


Sudan is one of the most awful places in this universe for religious status:  you’re either a Muslim or you are in dire danger…

I hope the humanitarian associations around the world will be able to *talk some sense and humanity* into these people…I really do! (but I have my doubts, reading the story…)

Love Peace Music (always and forever)
Mercy mercy on this poor Lady…and all the others who are suffering.    Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, I am (we are) with You!


About In Peace and Unity...

Quite an unusual *Alien* from outer space, in this universe of thinking (and non thinking) *human beans*...(;o)* I am a Journalist (expert in Rock, Pop, and Jazz), also Radio, plus a DJ Special Guest...(in clubs and/or radio) Feel free to contact me if you are looking for an unusual DJ/artist: Rock and Contaminations (plus Electronic/Elektro House/and other musicalities) also for sophisticated aperitifs/happy hour events. d(*_*)b Most of all, though, I am a...dreamer! May you walk in sunshine... Love Peace Music (my motto) always and forever...(what is 4ever?) the Princess of Rock salutes U d(*_*)b (last updated 2017.11.19/Sun. a week after my beeday) Melody Fox d(*_*)b (aka the Princess of Rock and a Warrior of Light against all those who Fight) another nickname is: Blue Angel in Blue and/or Alien bug (coming from Syrius)
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One Response to Atrocities around the Universe… Where is the Peace?

  1. And now, this new atrocity coming from the worst terrorists yet?! ISIS… Oh my goodness…What a world turning!

    My heart goes out to the three people who have been beheaded, and to their families and friends, left to grieve and mourn over their loved Ones. (;o(* This is sad…so sad…

    I have refused to watch the videos of the *massacre* of each individual…I wish everyone else would stop watching too! Every *vision* fuels up the expectations of these terrorists, making them feel more and more important, getting bolder each time! Reading the news, alright, but not watching the videos. Plus, whatever action will be taken, should not be discussed about, nor should it be written in the media…Strike unexpectedly and unknowingly…Use strategy!

    I have always been against wars, and political issues, but I just wanted to post my comment on this…It’s too big and could cause major disasters and big WAR around the universe, to not talk about it or mention anything.

    May you All walk in sunshine,

    Melody Fox (aka the Princess of Rock and…a Warrior of light, against all those who fight…)
    Love Peace Music
    *In Peace and Unity we stand…*


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