Boot-shaped Italy…(~_*) by Melody Fox (aka the Princess of Rock)

While I was looking at the statistics page here on my WordPress blog (which I have been using a little more in the past three days or so), and viewing the visitors of countries, I was thinking to myself what a wonderful landscape, looking from above…What really strikes me though, is the shape of Italy (I got visitors from there too, today–at the time of writing, it is April 29, 2014–) which is an amazing Boot!  and it looks exactly like a boot:  a boot-shaped peninsula!  Of course, I knew about it before, but it’s just so interesting, that I looked at it again and again.  And, the boot (Italy) seems to be kicking an island! lol (;o)*  That’s really funny…  just sayin’! 

I wonder if the Italians are proud of that?  I’ve never heard anyone saying anything…

With a shape like that, the Italians should be able to overcome all their problems, especially the political lunatics who seem to run the country (or rather…outrun it!)…Strong, powerful, bold, with principles rooted in those boots.  Instead, its reality is totally different.  Oh well…Good luck in getting that boot to walk over all the cr** that’s going on, and overcome all the negativity…


This is so cute!  lovely green boot!


No other song comes to mind, but this one, which is most appropriate, considering the political situation in Italy (one of these days these *boots* are gonna walk all over you…and dump all those sh**y and greedy politicians:


Love♥Peace☮Music♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ (always and forever…)




About In Peace and Unity...

Quite an unusual *Alien* from outer space, in this universe of thinking (and non thinking) *human beans*...(;o)* I am a Journalist (expert in Rock, Pop, and Jazz), also Radio, plus a DJ Special Guest...(in clubs and/or radio) Feel free to contact me if you are looking for an unusual DJ/artist: Rock and Contaminations (plus Electronic/Elektro House/and other musicalities) also for sophisticated aperitifs/happy hour events. d(*_*)b Most of all, though, I am a...dreamer! May you walk in sunshine... Love Peace Music (my motto) always and forever...(what is 4ever?) the Princess of Rock salutes U d(*_*)b (last updated 2017.11.19/Sun. a week after my beeday) Melody Fox d(*_*)b (aka the Princess of Rock and a Warrior of Light against all those who Fight) another nickname is: Blue Angel in Blue and/or Alien bug (coming from Syrius)
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3 Responses to Boot-shaped Italy…(~_*) by Melody Fox (aka the Princess of Rock)

  1. Hello Italian peepz…It would be very interesting to read your comments on what I wrote…Thank you (~_*) (Hello Genti Italiani…sarebbe molto interessante poter leggere qualche vostro commento su cio’ che ho scritto…Thank you)

    Love Peace Music


    • Rita Castro Knust says:

      This is so interesting. And, we are planning to visit Italy and celebrate my birthday in Venice. Super, dear Melody Fox!


      • Hi there my dear Ritz! so glad that you stopped by and left a comment here… (~_*) Glad you liked what I wrote too… When are you going to Venice? (Venice is VERY VERY expensive…but a fun place and so different compared to my country! the romantic laguna…)


        Melody Fox d(*_*)b (aka the Princess of Rock)
        Love Peace Music


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