and now what…(;o)*

yeah, I’m feeling sort of…dumb…Why? because I got home at 5:00 a.m. (Italy time zone) from a Special Guest night (as DJ), am already wide awake (@ 10:00 a.m.) and am a…Zombie! yahoooooooooooo (;o)))*

More *intelligent* and smarter comments will come up once I start figuring out how to use this magical tool (blogging my life away) so kindly granted by WordPress! (thank you, by the way!)

In Peace and Unity we stand…
Love Peace Music (my own motto/logo)
from Melody Fox (aka the Princess of Rock)
d(*_*)b (my personalized smiley DJ symbol)


About In Peace and Unity...

Quite an unusual *Alien* from outer space, in this universe of thinking (and non thinking) *human beans*...(;o)* I am a Journalist (expert in Rock, Pop, and Jazz), also Radio, plus a DJ Special Guest...(in clubs and/or radio) Feel free to contact me if you are looking for an unusual DJ/artist: Rock and Contaminations (plus Electronic/Elektro House/and other musicalities) also for sophisticated aperitifs/happy hour events. d(*_*)b Most of all, though, I am a...dreamer! May you walk in sunshine... Love Peace Music (my motto) always and forever...(what is 4ever?) the Princess of Rock salutes U d(*_*)b (last updated 2017.11.19/Sun. a week after my beeday) Melody Fox d(*_*)b (aka the Princess of Rock and a Warrior of Light against all those who Fight) another nickname is: Blue Angel in Blue and/or Alien bug (coming from Syrius)
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One Response to and now what…(;o)*

  1. this is weird…(;o(* I left a comment here, also thanking a friend for tuning me onto Word Press, but I don’t see it anywhere…bah (the *magical* messes of the web: too many comments from the world and…outer space, maybe? and it can’t cope with everything/everyone?) Anyway, it was a personal thank you to a friend (Marco) for having introduced me to his blog (he gave me the link in an e-mail message…and…bingo!)

    I always had it in the back of my mind…nibbling away, saying hey…what about a blog? writing has always been my passion and…also my work for part of my life…and so now, a little dream come true…ain’t that cool! (;o)*

    In Peace and Unity we stand…all together
    Love Peace Music


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