Long time no see…but it’s still me! (:~)*

Just a few months ago (mid March, I think it was), I decided it was time to continue writing some pages on my book *Whose Life is This Anyway*…  Well, I was in for a shock!  I coudn’t find it in any word document, dormient files, floppy disks, no where!  I was hoping to find some printed pages because I definitely remember having made a copy…but, where are they?!  I can’t find them either.  Of course, I’ll have to take a closer look at my papers, thousands of them, and that, per se, is not exciting at all!  It makes me sick, as a matter of fact.  I tried it yesterday (May 12/Sat.), and that was a big flop, a refusal one…

So…what to do now? Big dilemma!  I looked all around…have been, on and off, until today.  I asked one of my informatics friends to help, but he’s busy with family problems.  Therefore, as usual, this will stay in limbo…yucks!  

One of the problems is that it’s also one of those moments–yet another turning point–in my life, when I am devoid of feelings, and am not in the mood to do anything, or, at least, very little!  I do only the very essential…like a routine sort of agenda:  nothing more, nothing less…and time just slips by, or is it me slipping by time?   No, I’m not in a depressive mode, it’s just that with years adding up to my life, I feel there is so little time left to do all the things that I have to do.  And what is it worth anyway, when all will come to an end, a dead stop?  Also, being a very private person, I don’t talk much about my inner feelings, the ups and downs I’m going through, I just don’t share… Other people talk to me about their problems, their secrets, because they know they can trust me, with me they have a shoulder to lean on, and also get some good advice, but, for me to do the same…that’s out of the question.  Most people don’t have time for others, they don’t listen,  so…I don’t ask, don’t confide, and keep things for myself.  Plus, I have been betrayed many times, and have been hurt beyond mends, so…I can’t trust much anymore.  I’ve been hurt once too many…

Today, Sunday, a day with nothing accomplished, except for some writing on this blog and another…mainly crying silently to myself.  I gotta snap out of it!  Give me a reason, someone, please.  Being the dreamer that I am, I need some sign…a sign of Love. 

Love Peace Music (always and forever…)








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Queen are still Queen…but, a little different…

In November 1991, when Freddie Mercury passed on, there was shock and sadness in the universe: everyone was devastated by the sad news (including myself!), although, me, personally, I knew it was coming…Remember the single *The Show Must Go On*?  it was the 12th from their latest album all together, entitled INNUENDO…it was almost an epitaph for Freddie’s final farewell, meaning so much, yet saying so little.  It was a sad sad One…
I grieved and cried for many days, whether listening to the album or not.  And so did the
rest of the world!

to my (interesting and adventuresome) press work I was able to go to many of
Queen’s gigs featuring Fred (their frontman and primadonna!), plus the fact of having
the honor to interviewing them once (talking with Freddie, Brian, and Roger), in SanRemo,
for the song festival, during the release of their album (I received the vinyl from the Recording company) entitled THE WORKS (release date: February 27, 1984).  This was their 11th studio album, and I love it:  it also has *Radio GaGa*, which they performed at the song festival of
San Remo, and written by Roger Taylor. 

Freddie Mercury smiling at me during interviews in SanRemo, Italy, 1984, during the song festival…
(Photo credits:  Melody Fox)

Queen were, in the days:  Freddie Mercury, Brian May,  Roger Taylor, John Deacon…Some changes over the years, following Freddie’s death, plus John Deacon’s *retiring* in 1997.  For a while they had Paul Rodgers as lead singer, until they bumped into Adam Lambert (American Idol finalist), and…it was Magic!  a real kind of Magic…

They have been performing together since 2011, Adam is the most suitable Person–for many reasons–to fit in Freddie’s place, in my opinion (that’s also what Brian and Roger said).  He has stage presence, an awesome voice that reaches peaks similar to Freddie’s, and is the missing piece to the Band.  So now it is Queen+Adam Lambert.  No one will ever be like Fred, but Adam is the closest fit.

They will be in Italy (brought by Barley Arts, Claudio Trotta management), on June 25, 2016, performing at the Anfiteatro Camerini, in Piazzola del Brenta, near Padua.  Tickets cost 82 Euros and can be bought online, also with Ticketone.com. 

The Queen + Adam Lambert 2016 Summer Festival Tour is a summer stadium/festival tour by British rock band Queen and American singer Adam Lambert. The tour began on 20 May 2016, in Lisbon, Portugal at the Bela Vista Park and will continue throughout Europe before coming to an end, on 25 June 2016, in Padua.  

They will…will Rock You…Rock You!  

No one will ever replace Freddie Mercury, and his memory will always be with you, me, them, and the future ones to come…


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A New Year has stepped in…

Welcome to 2016 all you happy and sometimes troubled souls…I hope it will let you reach all your goals!

I should remember to come in here more often…but I prefer my blogspot, on Google, it’s a bit easier, but that’s just my opinion, obviously.

This is the week (10 January 2016/Sunday) the *Music* died:  David Bowie…

I’ll get back later:  can’t even upload a picture of David Bowie!


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The Expo Experience…as seen by an Alien…

Tree of life, true blue with water fountains, photo Melody Fox unnamedRecently I went (well, it was in June 2015) to see the Expo in Milan, Italy (Europe).

It was a nice experience, no doubt, but, one day is not enough: one needs to go back several times, to be able to see the sites carefully, in detail, without running through them. I was surprised to see some of the different pavilions, and the countries involved, such as Iran, Kazakistan, and others. The whole world at your feet! What an awesome adventure…

It was with great sadness, instead, that I looked at the Tibet area: they were hit by the tragedy of the earthquake, with so many people being killed, and a country on their knees, being wiped out by natural causes…force majeur… (;o(* They stopped everything , in the pavilion, all the construction work, etc., etc., to go back to their country. Great architectural job, that, unfortunately (or luckily) was finished by workers from Brescia.

It brought tears to my eyes… Stay strong Tibet: Thou shall return into the light!

What was beautiful, was the part of the Italian section, especially The Tree of Life, planned and brought to *life* by Marco Balich, a guy (or rather now he is known for other things), whom I met during my journalistic years, when he organized concerts, et all.

At night, this beautiful tree is lit up in all its glory, and has a light and sound show, which is mesmerizing! It was the feature I loved most! All those beautiful colors, that magical Music! Indeed, a masterpiece of art, and technology at its highest peaks. Sponsored by Coldiretti, Pirelli, and the city town hall of Brescia…

Definitely, my favorite! Bravo Italy! (;o)*

I have posted some pictures (all mine, taken by me) for you readers to see…

Some other details, will be added at random.

The Expo has counted millions and millions of visitors so far (it opened its gates to the world on May 1, 2015 and will close at our Halloween, October 31, 2015). The first month brought in approx. 2.7 million visitors from all over the globe.

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Idol Power!

Billy Idol has been very busy these past months and still is!

What with his book of memoirs, what with his new album *The Kings and Queens of the Underground*, and all his touring around the universe…well, you can feel that Idol Power, all the way through!

Talking about touring, Billy (and guitarist Steve Stevens), in November, will be in Great Britain, in Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, in Switzerland, in Italy…Mind you, there will only be one venue in Italy (promoted by D’Alessandro and Galli), on November 23, 2014 (Sunday), at a club called
FABRIQUE. After Italy, Billy and company will be heading back to the States, starting January 21, 2015, in New Orleans, La. So far there have been rave reviews, with sold out gigs. The King of Punk and Rock is rocking down all the houses with that whiplash smile that is always there, and those Rocky tunes that will make you want more more more!

See ya, Billy! I interviewed you in 1986, when you came out with *Sweet Sixteen*…and I’ve been *following* you ever since…When I have my own gigs, as DJ, I always put in a couple of your tunes: the other night, I mixed in *Mony Mony*, plus another tune later in the evening *White Wedding*! I look forward to seeing you soon!

First new single (*Can’t Bring Me Down*) from Billy Idol’s new album

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Simple Minds…and their *Electronic* Revolution…

SimpleMinds.com, their new pic inboxed to me with material ImageProxyWell, SIMPLE MINDS, are back again and not…so simple!

They inboxed me today, alerting me on their new album, new single, and new UK/European 2015 tour…

The new album, entitled BIG MUSIC will be released on November 3, 2014…It is the 16th studio album by Scottish Rock/Pop band, Simple Minds, and their first album of brand new material in 5 years! In the meantime, *Blindfolded* is the first single. More Fall records, falling out… lol (;o)*

Listening to *Blindfolded*, I am quite impressed on the change of style…A long way from their NEW GOLD DREAM days! I have always liked Simple Minds, and also had the opportunity to interview them, talk with Jim Kerr (personally), and have also seen many of their live performances. On one hand, I am very impressed, on the other, somewhat surprised, for this electronic trip. They’ve done it before, in the past, and for sure there will be someone (some Fan) who will not like this *new* direction. I like the uptempo Music of this track, and I also like the technological perspective of the video. They do sound a bit like Depeche Mode… ***Somewhere out there…you’ll never see…***

I wish them the Best of Luck, on this new evolution and…revolution!

Ticket details: I mentioned before that they’ll be embarking on a major UK/European tour, in 2015, touching many cities in Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and the UK.

There will be a special UK ticket and album bundle with a presale at http://www.simpleminds.com, from 10.00 a.m. Wednesday (September 24). The UK tickets, along with the European tickets will be available, for general release to the public from 10:00 a.m., Friday (September 26).

Here is official video of *Blindfolded*:

a kiss in the mix from Melody Fox d(*_*)b (aka the Princess of Rock)
Love Peace Music

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*Peaces* of me (Melody Fox aka the Princess of Rock d(*_*)b )

*Peaces* of me (Melody Fox aka the Princess of Rock d(*_*)b )

Sometimes I take some really nice pictures, and this time, this One, is magical…Yeah, I’m showing off…lol (~_*)

Just the right position, studying the different angles, the right moment, etc., etc…and mind you…this is a digital camera.

I will not say where it is…that’s part of my *mysterious* attitude. lol (;o)*

Photo credits: Melody Fox (aka the Princess of Rock)
May 2014

Love♥Peace☮Music♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ (always and forever…)

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Melody *Midnight Chocolate cake* with lemon frosting… (~_*)

Yep…this is my chocolate midnight cake (really baked at midnight) with lemon frosting…(~_*)
I also made a chocolate cream to pour over if liked (warm), sprinkled with a bit of coconut…


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Atrocities around the Universe… Where is the Peace?



My thoughts on a story published by CNN:  http://edition.cnn.com/2014/05/15/world/africa/sudan-christian-woman-apostasy/index.html?sr=fb051614faithsentence1030aVODtopPhoto

This is so sad…I have no words… 😥  So many atrocious acts caused by…mankind.


Reading this whole story brought tears, and then I started thinking of the past and making some comparisons…The Christians in the days of Nero, were probably *treated better*, although facing lions…  Now, in these days (modern year 2014!), here are other people–supposedly called *human beings*–who are sentencing other human beings (and this particular case is about a pregnant woman…OMG) to death, to amputation, to being stoned to death, etc., etc…


Where is the Love?  where is compassion?  where is respect?  Sudan *high ups* and so called big wheels, YOU make me sick…


Sudan is one of the most awful places in this universe for religious status:  you’re either a Muslim or you are in dire danger…

I hope the humanitarian associations around the world will be able to *talk some sense and humanity* into these people…I really do! (but I have my doubts, reading the story…)

Love Peace Music (always and forever)
Mercy mercy on this poor Lady…and all the others who are suffering.    Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, I am (we are) with You!

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Rock and Contaminations set #71 by Melody Fox © (aka the Princess of Rock)

One of my Rock and Contaminations sets, all mixed and revisited by me…(April 30, 2010 circa) © Enjoy!


NOTICE:     Should you decide to download, please make sure to write my name and the set number…Thank you

Love ~♥~Peace☮Music♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ (always and forever…)


(Disclaimer notice:  the Music is not mine, but belongs to the Artists, I have only mixed and revisited in a set)

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